The latest figures show that the new Corona virus has infected 10 million and 892 thousand people worldwide, of whom more than 520 thousand have died, while 5 million and 544 thousand people have recovered, which represents about 51% of the total infected.

The virus continues to spread madly in the United States, and while South Africa has witnessed a massive leap in infections, renewed fears in Israel, and the Palestinian Authority closed the West Bank 5 days; Try to contain the virus.

A Reuters statistics showed that the United States recorded more than 55,000 new cases of Covid-19 disease on Thursday, in the largest daily increase announced by any country.

HIV infections have skyrocketed across the United States during the past week, putting President Donald Trump's handling of the crisis under scrutiny, and prompting a number of state governors to halt plans to reopen their states after tight public isolation measures.

Yesterday's injuries in the United States exceeded the daily record announced by Brazil on June 19th, which amounted to 54,771.

About two weeks ago, the United States was only recording about 22,000 new infections a day, which means the epidemic has accelerated dangerously.

The United States leads the world in terms of the number of infections and deaths caused by the virus, recording two million and 758 thousand and 740 infections, and about 129 thousand deaths.

For its part, South Africa recorded during the past 24 hours 8 thousand and 728 new injuries, which raised the total number of injuries to 168 thousand and 61 injuries, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Health.

The statement also clarified that the total number of deaths rose to 2749, after recording 95 new deaths during the past 24 hours. He stated that the number of people recovering from the virus reached 76,25, indicating that a million and 607 thousand and 127 tests have been conducted to detect the virus since the outbreak of the epidemic in the country.

A jump in Israel
In the same context, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for the continuation of masks and respect for social distance, after recording a significant increase in the number of those afflicted with Covid-19 after the quarantine was lifted.

At the end of a ministerial meeting devoted to combating the new corona virus, Netanyahu announced that about a thousand new cases of the virus had been registered within the past 24 hours.

But he pointed out that concert halls, bars, nightclubs, temples and workplaces; All of them will remain open for the time being, saying, "We do not want to return to the policy of public quarantine."

He also explained that from now on, only 50 people will be allowed to congregate in closed public places such as places of worship, and that only 20 people will be allowed to congregate in one house.

Close the bank
For its part, the Palestinian Authority began Friday to close the West Bank for a period of 5 days, renewable, to counter the second wave of the Corona virus.

The Palestinian security services have erected military checkpoints at the entrances to West Bank cities and towns, and emergency committees have spread to towns not under Palestinian security control.

As of Thursday evening, Palestine recorded 3, 417 cases of Coronavirus, including 12 deaths, and 634 recoverers, with an increase in the frequency of infections, especially in West Bank cities.

It has to be investigated
In Britain, Labor leader Kiir Starmer said Friday that an investigation must be conducted into the way the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson has dealt with the emerging Corona virus crisis.

"I think an investigation is imperative, there will be an investigation at the appropriate time," he told Sky News.

When asked why he did not call for an investigation immediately, he said, "For the time being, I think it is important to focus on the task at hand."

Starmer described the government's handling of the crisis as too slow, and said the prime minister was good at talking but misjudging the country.

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