One of the most prominent figures in the Democratic Party said that Ted Yoho slammed hard things at her on the steps of Capitol Hill. He did not deny saying it, but claimed he did not address it to her and apologized for the "blatant nature" of things.

Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Oxio-Cortez accuses Republican congressman Ted Yoho of calling her a "fucking bitch" on the steps of Capitol Hill. "In front of the reporters, Yahoo called me, and I quote, 'fucking bitch,'" she said in an excited speech to the House of Representatives last Thursday. "These are the words that Representative Yoho used against a congressional member."

The Republican congressman did not admit or deny that he said this phrase, but he did deny that he directed it directly towards Oxio-Cortez, one of the most prominent figures in the Progressive wing of the Democratic Party. He said that however, he apologized for the "blatant nature of the conversation".

"As a married man for 45 years, with two girls, I am very aware of my language. The abusive words attributed to me in the media from above have not been said about my colleague, and if they were interpreted that way, I apologize for the misunderstanding. I can not apologize for my passion, "For my love for God, my family and my country," he said in the House of Representatives.

The incident began on Monday, when the newspaper "De Hill" said that one of his letters heard the words of Yahweh. The two reportedly exchanged views, and a Republican congressman called her "disgusting" after she recently said that security and poverty as a result of the Corona plague led to an increase in crime in New York.

It was further reported that Yahoo told her she was "out of her mind," and continued on his way with his colleague, Roger Williams. When they split up, Yeho reportedly released the same curse.

In a speech on Thursday, Oxio-Cortez said that Yahoo's remarks show the world how strong men can be verbally violent towards women. "You can be a father to girls and firmly address women without remorse," she said. "You can be married, and turn firmly towards women."

Responses to the incident and things were divided along party lines. While Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy defended 65-year-old Yoho, who is not running for another term, saying "when someone apologizes, he should be forgiven," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi - Washington's most senior Democrat - said. The same curse "is an example of our society's attitude in reality."

"I can tell firsthand, they called me names for at least 20 years of leadership, 18 years of leadership,"
she said, referring to Republicans.

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