The president wants to draw left-wing voters in light of the strengthening of the green and the 2022 elections. The resigning Prime Minister, the popular Edward Philip, will take office as mayor. His replacement will be Jean Casta, who led the fight in Corona that caused a heavy economic recession, though he comes from the right. "New phase begins"

French Prime Minister Edward Philippe and his government resigned on Friday as part of President Emmanuel Macron's pledge to change his government and win back votes cast for him in the run-up to a second term in 2022. Who will replace him is Jean Casta, a senior public servant and mayor who led the Corona Locksmith exit strategy.

Casta, 55, comes from the center-right of French politics, serving two years as the second-highest official in the Elysees Palace under President Nicolas Sarkozy. An official in the palace described him as a public servant whose experience in local politics would help Macron to connect with provincial France. The factor defined him as a "social golist", referring to the more social wing of the French right.

Questions about Philip's future have been on since the middle of last month, with Macron announcing he wants to reshape his presidency with an attempt to recover from the Corona virus crisis. "Edward Philip today made the announcement of his government's resignation to the President of the Republic, who received it," the Elysees Palace said. Philip and his ministers will continue to run government affairs until the new government is formed.

Macron's change of direction in his center's government comes after the president and his party were punished in local government elections last week. The election revealed growing support for the Green Party and highlighted Macron's difficulty in winning the left vote.

The only bright spot for Macron's party, which failed in all the big cities, was the victory of his prime minister in the election for mayor of the northern port of Le Havre, and now he could take office. The president's close advisers said that just 21 months before the next presidential election, Macron wants to reposition himself on the political map

"A new phase begins with new talents and new ways of managing the government," said an official at the Elysees Palace. Macron and Philip dined together on Wednesday and met again yesterday. The source described the talks as warm and friendly, and they both agreed on "the need for a new government to be prepared for the next step and a new path." Minutes after the government's resignation, packing boxes were sent to the prime minister's offices.

Political commentators say Macron took a gamble with Philip's replacement, which is more popular with the public. The prime minister has shown loyalty during the waves of riots that plagued France during the time of Macron, and could emerge as presidential candidate in 2022.

However, leaving Philip in office is also problematic. She may show that Macron is too weak to allow his prime minister to leave for mayor, and that his young party does not have enough depth in its ranks to allow for changes in government..

France has been suffering the heaviest recession since World War II, with its economy expected to shrink by about 11% this year, throwing down the decline in unemployment rates that have been laboriously overworked. Investors will be waiting to see if Finance Minister Bruno Le Mer, who led the economy-opening reforms and invested much money to save big companies like Air France and Reno during the crisis, will retain his job.

"Returning from summer vacation will be difficult. We have to be prepared," Macron said in an interview with local newspapers, published yesterday evening.

Source: International News Agencies

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