US President attacked "angry mob" during Independence Day ceremony to destroy controversial historical figures' memorials as part of protests for killing George Floyd. "Teach our children to hate the country," he claimed. , Who goes on and on about his family

United States Record Donald Trump tonight (Saturday) attacked the "angry mob" trying to destroy statues of historical figures. During a ceremony on Mount Rushmore to commemorate American Independence Day celebrations, July 4, he warned thousands of supporters who arrived that protesters were trying to erase the state's history.

7,500 people arrived at the event, and were crowded into an amphitheater. Many did not wear masks, and violated official public health guidelines, urging Americans to avoid large crowds to slow the spread of the Corona virus.

The virus has also reached Trump's family. During the night, it was reported that Kimberly Gilfoil, spouse of Donald Trump Jr., son of the United States president, was diagnosed as positive for the virus. As a result of the Gilfoil probe went into isolation, while Trump Jr. was tested for the virus and found to be negative.

While standing beneath the famous memorial featuring the image of four past presidents, Trump warned that protests against racism and inequality in American society threaten the foundations of the country's political system. "Make no mistake, this leftist revolution was built to cast aside the American Revolution," Trump argued. "Schools are teaching our children to hate their country," he added.

Trump has declared that he will establish a "American Heroes National Park," which he described as a large park with statues of the "Greatest Americans Ever." He did not provide any further details.

Source: International News Agencies

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