Violence in Syria still ranks first, and
The regime of President Bashar al-Assad continues to use force against peaceful demonstrators in the eyes of the regime.

Today, Syria is going through a major crisis, a violent campaign sweeping it from all sides, as the battlefields in Syria are the bloodiest in the modern era.

As everyone knows how the demonstrations began in Syria, that they started in peace, and they continued with violence, killing, and complete destruction of cities, villages, and genocide from all the conflicting parties.

All of the above do not know who is responsible for it, is all of Syria responsible or the army of the regime and President Bashar al-Assad?

The crisis is worsening, and there is no solution, foreign interference in Syria, American, Iranian and Russian forces, and religious groups and groups, which have caused the biggest crises in Syria.

The Assad regime will inevitably defend its interests, and will pay the heavy price in order to protect its regime. This is a normal thing the system will defend its strength

President Bashar al-Assad uses the power of arms to deter demonstrators, President Bashar al-Assad protects his country from any foreign invasion of Syria.
So stick to the judgment for all of the above.

We do not know today where the Assad regime will go and what its future is so far.


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