The 55-year-old California senator made history in a number of ways, with the woman in the highest office in the United States ever. The daughter of Indian and Jamaican parents, and wife of a Jew, she is close to the Presidency


 Senator Camilla Harris will become the first Vice President of the United States, after the announcement of Democrat Joe Biden winning the race tonight (Saturday). “We did it, Joe,” Harris said in a document posted on her Twitter account, apparently speaking to the president-elect while she was resting on the wheelbarrow.

Harris, the 55-year-old mother of Jamaica and India, is a Senator from California, and is also the first black and Asian woman to run for a major office in the United States. After the victory, the woman in the highest office ever in the United States will also be within walking distance of the presidency. In the event that 78-year-old Biden does not end his term, it will automatically inherit it.

 After a short and unsuccessful campaign in the Democratic primary, including a media debate with Biden in one of the standoffs, she was selected to run with Biden in the midst of a mental account of her racial history after the murder of George Floyd. Harris, who was generally the second black senator in history when she was elected to the Senate in 2016, was at the top of Biden's list.

It has become an ardent supporter of police reform and social justice - in the Senate, on the streets, and on the networks, as it confronts Republicans in the Senate and vehemently attacks Republican President Donald Trump.

For Harris, a former barricade-breaker and former California state attorney, this period shaped her the purpose her botched Democratic campaign had lacked.

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