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 The cautious attitude of the French government in administering corona vaccines exploded in its face, after barely 500 people were vaccinated in the first week of the operation, thus provoking renewed anger over the conduct of the fight against the plague. Today (Monday), President Emanuel Macron held a special meeting with senior members of his government, in which they discussed the vaccination strategy and other developments related to the epidemic.

Blame for the slowness in the vaccinations of the American company Pfizer and the German biotech has been linked to mismanagement, a shortage of manpower during the holiday holidays and a complex consent policy designed to allay the exceptional doubts among the French public regarding vaccines.

Doctors, mayors and politicians from the opposition called today to speed up the pace of vaccinations. "This is a national scandal," said Jean Rotner, president of the easternmost region of the country. The number of patients in the area is skyrocketing, and some hospitals cannot accommodate more patients. "Getting vaccinated has become more difficult than buying a car," he told France 2.

In France, where 67 million people live, 516 people were vaccinated in the first six days of the operation. In Germany more than 200,000 people received the first shot during the first week, and in Italy more than 100,000, but they too are severely criticized for the slow response to public protection against the plague, which has so far claimed the lives of more than 1.8 million people worldwide.

In other places, too, the situation is better than in France: the number of vaccinated persons per capita in Israel is the highest in the world, while in the United Kingdom today a second vaccine has been used by Astraznica and Oxford. The United States and China have already vaccinated millions of their citizens, but in small percentages relative to the size of their populations.

France launched a vaccination campaign on December 27 in nursing homes, due to the particularly high number of victims among older residents. However, due to the fear that people with cognitive problems will be vaccinated against their will, the government is conducting a lengthy screening process before administering the vaccines, out of a desire to avoid a presentation of coercion.

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