Syrian official media reported this evening, Wednesday, that the Syrian army's air defense systems were activated in the wake of an Israeli attack south of Damascus. For now, there are no known damages or injuries as a result. A Syrian army spokesman said that the missiles launched from the Golan Heights were targeting several targets and that the air defense system intercepted several missiles. Live on local TV, a tall building was seen burning.

Last week, Syria reported that one soldier was killed and three wounded in an Israeli attack on the Damascus area. The country's official news agency, citing a Syrian military source, stated that rockets were fired from the Galilee region at a Syrian army air defense unit in the Nabi Habeel area, west of Damascus.

According to the news agency, the attack took place in the 01:30 hours, when the Syrian air defense systems intercepted some of the fired missiles. It was also reported that the injury caused material damage to the unit that was attacked. The Syrian Agency's initial report stated that the air defense systems were activated in the face of an Israeli attack and that they thwarted it.

 A few days ago, it was reported that Israel attacked targets in the Masyaf region in the center of the country. The Syrian Organization for Human Rights reported that six non-Syrian civilians were killed in the attack, as well as some Syrian deaths. Senior state officials confirmed to ISIS that during the operation, weapons warehouses and headquarters of the pro-Iranian militias and the regime forces were targeted near the scientific research center in the region, and Israel refused to comment on the recent reports of the attacks.

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