The Congress is the supreme institution in the United States, and the storming by supporters of President Trump is an attempted coup d'état ordered by the US presidency.

The tool for using supporters to ignite riots in American streets, and to storm American buildings, is nothing but the work of US President Trump, this was explained by senior officials in the internal affairs of the United States.

Has the tool succeeded in overthrowing the government, with its maker in power?

We do not say that the tool that is still being used to cancel the election results is capable of riots and a coup, but rather that it will go beyond all this, and that Trump's supporters did not back down by simply taking responsibility and considering their president had failed in the elections, according to political analysis. Trump's supporters were not satisfied with riots! And storming the Capitol building and being proud of that, but in the future the matter will go beyond other actions for the sake of their master!

Politics in America is in total chaos, and many problems, and this came in conjunction with the Corona pandemic and the infection of large numbers in addition to deaths that are not common in all American states.

The deterioration of the social and economic situation depends on America's current policy, as large numbers of families in all states suffer from extreme poverty, and family problems that need specialist intervention in order to solve them, and the government is indifferent to what is happening to the people, but has focused its efforts on solving problems of elections, votes, voters and supporters. .

Source: International news agencies

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