The heir to Saudi Arabia suggested using a "poisoned ring" to kill King Abdullah, his uncle - a former Saudi intelligence official claimed. In an interview with CBS, Saad al-Jabri said that Mohammed bin Salman told his cousin in 2014 that he wanted to do so in order to pave the way for his father to take the throne. At that time there were tensions within the Al Saud family over the issue of King Abdullah's heir, who died a year later.

According to the former Saudi official, bin Salman hinted to his cousin, Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, then the interior minister, that he would be able to arrange the assassination of the king, the half-brother of his father Salman. Al-Jabri quoted bin Salman as saying, "He told him I want to eliminate King Abdullah. I will get a poisoned ring from Russia. All I have to do is shake hands with him and it's over." “Even if he bragged, he said it and we took it very seriously.”

Al-Jabri said the case was resolved within the royal court, but added that the meeting was secretly filmed and that he knew the location of two copies of the recording.

After King Abdullah died in 2015 at the age of 90, his successor, King Salman bin Nayef, appointed him regent until his son Mohammed deposed him two years later. He was also removed from his position as Minister of the Interior and, according to various reports, was held under house arrest prior to his arrest last year on charges of a series of unexplained crimes.

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