During the visit of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia Prince Mohammed bin Salman to France last Thursday, the de facto leader of the desert kingdom stayed in the castle that is defined as "the most expensive house in the world", which he purchased in 2015. "Château Louis XIV" in Louvain outside Paris is a new mansion built as a replica of the nearby Palace of Versailles. The 7,000 square meter property was purchased by an anonymous buyer in 2015 for 275 million euros ($300 million at the time), which led Fortune magazine to call it "the most expensive house in the world." In 2017, it was reported in New York Times" because Ben Salman, 36 years old, is the one who purchased the mansion through several straw companies.

The global energy crisis sparked by the war in Ukraine and Russia's use of gas as a weapon in response to Western sanctions have brought the prince back to the international arena, who since 2018 has been considered an outcast in the West due to suspicions regarding his involvement in the brutal murder of American Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Western countries such as France and Greece, and first and foremost, the United States - are after the oil-rich kingdom in order to pump more barrels, which will lead to a drop in oil prices worldwide and reduce dependence on Russian black gold.

It is a historical coincidence that the mansion that bin Salman bought was built by the Saudi journalist's cousin, Imad Khashoggi, who runs a luxury real estate company in France. The mansion was built in 2009 on top of the ruins of a 19th century castle and includes a night club, A fountain decorated with gold leaves, a movie theater as well as an underground water chamber with white leather couches. Another thing the estate has: an impressive wine cellar, although drinking alcohol is forbidden according to Islam and in Saudi Arabia. 

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