Today, Tuesday, the old International Football Association (FIFA) described the unexpected victory of the Saudi team against its Argentine counterpart led by Lionel Messi in the World Cup in Qatar as “the biggest shock in the history of the World Cup.”

And the account of the Federation concerned with the World Cup commented on Twitter, saying, "Saudi Arabia defeated Argentina, one of the biggest shocks in the history of the FIFA World Cup."

The Saudi team scored two goals against its Argentine counterpart, who scored one goal during the match with the foot of the historical scorer Lionel Messi in the tenth minute at Lusail Stadium in Qatar in the third group competition of the World Cup.

The Saudi team excelled thanks to two goals, the first scored by Saleh Al-Shehri in the 48th minute, and the second scored by Salem Al-Dosari in the 53rd minute.

Activists circulated through the communication sites pictures and televised clips of the joy of the Saudi fans, whether they were inside their country or who supported their team at Lusail Stadium, which hosted the match.

Celebrations filled many streets in the cities of the Kingdom and on social media, rejoicing in the Saudi national team, which defied expectations against the ancient Argentina national team and one of the candidates to win the championship.

And the documented (Saudi News) account tweeted on Twitter, saying, "Nothing is impossible in front of Saudi Arabia, we played, we played, we enjoyed, we had fun, we won and we came first.. God, God, our team."

"Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, and thanks to Him. I extend the most beautiful and best congratulations to our leaders and the great Saudi people on the occasion of the Saudi national team's victory," Saudi Minister of Islamic Affairs Abdul Latif Al Sheikh said on Twitter.

Source: social networking sites

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