Recently, the world witnessed a dangerous virus, which led to many crises in many countries, which led to the closure of many shops and public places. Today, the new Corona virus is spreading in Africa, the continent where most of its countries suffer from problems, low levels of health and a lack of medical equipment in hospitals.

Corona virus is a very dangerous virus, so if you enter into developing countries or poor African countries, it will lead to a humanitarian catastrophe there, especially as these countries suffer from poverty in the protective equipment, despite the support from the rich countries, that is not enough. Corona virus emerging rapidly in these countries, where recently recorded very frightening numbers about new infections, including infections ranging from medium to severe that need respiration, in addition to infections among the team of doctors inside hospitals.

Significant increases in casualties lead to a humanitarian catastrophe there, if the problem is addressed in the fastest time, for example the Republic of South Africa and the countries around it, the injuries in which are terrifyingly increasing.


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