Syria has recently witnessed theft in its most important natural wealth, through the "Qasd" militia.

The operations in Syria were not only limited to military operations, but also went beyond robberies of the country's wealth, without oversight and follow-up, in public.

According to what was published in the Syrian Foreign Ministry, the process of stealing the Syrian oil took place between the SDF militias and companies in the United States of America, as this operation is considered to steal the country's wealth publicly, and it is an illegal operation, and the Syrian regime is not aware of this process.
Therefore, it was an explicit response from the Syrian Foreign Ministry on the issue of theft, that the United States of America is a partner in the process of stealing Syrian wealth, and that its presence in Syria is not to eliminate terrorist groups, but rather to steal natural resources, by recruiting militias and teams to this goal. The statement added that the Syrian Foreign Ministry will solve this problem and reduce thefts, and accuse all parties, both the seller and the buyer, and hold them accountable.

Source: ArbsTime, Syrian Foreign Ministry

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