Opinions differed and tension increased. Arab countries object and others agree and stand with the Emirates. Forgetting the Palestinian issue is not an easy thing. Now it has become easy, despite all the challenges and the occupation.

Some countries in the world strongly objected to the decision to normalize relations between the UAE and Israel for several reasons, the most famous of which is ending the Israeli imbalance and sitting at the negotiating table.

Despite the objections and denunciations, normalization between the UAE and Israel continues, despite the opposition of those who oppose it, because the UAE believes that there are no political solutions and peace except with the approach with Israel, as this matter plays a big role in stopping the annexation process and the occupation.

This theory was opposed by many political analysts around the world, because normalization does not bring a positive result for a people who wants to seize state lands, and this is among the Israeli state’s decisions before normalization.

As for Turkey, it had a decisive position, as it stood with the Palestinian people with all its decisions, and strongly condemned the normalization of the UAE with Israel, and said that the UAE should look around it, looking around the future of the Palestinian state, because the normalization decision does not contribute to and support the Palestinian cause, but rather supports the occupation state by all available means .

Source: ArabsTime newspaper, international news agencies

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