The relationship that took place between Israel and the Emirates coincided with the great conflict taking place between the countries of the region. As it is considered a raging clash between the powers in the Middle East region and the Arab Gulf.

The United States of America played a big role in the mediation between the UAE and Israel, as Trump called on the Arab countries to establish a relationship and normalization with Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu said yesterday in a press conference that he welcomes this normalization, and that the UAE and its leaders are welcome in Israel, and that the peace process has positive consequences for the region in terms of security and investment among peoples, and Netanyahu also stressed the bilateral relationship between the two countries on the economic, security and national levels. .

The relationship between the two countries met with many objections and criticism from some Arab countries, especially Palestine, as Palestine summoned its ambassador to the Emirates.
On the other hand, the relations between the two countries were widely welcomed by the great powers.

Source: International news agencies, Arabs

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