After the normalization of the United Arab Emirates, with Israel, and the building of
great economic relations between the two countries. It has become easy for other Arab countries to establish a relationship and normalization with Israel.

It is very easy for the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, to visit Tel Aviv and meet prominent personalities, for the sake of consultations and preparations to revive the peace process in the region.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, welcomes the visit and in every country printed with Israel, in order to revive the peace process in the region and establish a new Middle East, free of wars and conflicts. Also, US President Donald Trump welcomed this decision, which plays an important and major role in reviving peace in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia, that big Arab kingdom, plays an important role in the peace processes that are taking place in the Middle East, most notably the peace process between the UAE and Israel. Saudi Arabia plays the role of a strong and wise man in making important decisions.

What is happening today in the political arena is the role of Saudi Arabia and its crown prince in reviving the peace process in the region, especially the emergence of news about the visit of prominent Saudi figures to Israel, which pushes the peace process to an important point in the region between Israel and the Arab Gulf states.

Source: International news agencies

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