All the possibilities that the world put forth are available for the sake of the assassination of a prominent Islamic figure. The assassination of His Eminence Hassan Nasrallah is only a matter of time, as some world leaders say.

It is worth noting that the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, is still hiding in a secret hideout, which no one knows outside the secretaries of Hezbollah.

The disappearance of His Eminence Hassan Nasrallah since 2006, that is, after the clashes that took place between Israel and Hezbollah, came after a repeated threat to assassinate Hassan Allah, and that reaching him is only a matter of time.

Hizbullah has recently imposed sanctions. The sanctions have included prominent figures in the party, including Hassan Nasrallah, as is the case with prominent leaders in Iran, including the Iranian guide.

The sanctions imposed on Hezbollah and its leaders came after a complete failure of the party's enemies and the United States of America, this is what the senior leaders in Iran and Hezbollah said.

As for the assassination of Hassan Allah, its probability increased, after Iran and Hezbollah interfered in internal Syrian affairs in particular, and the affairs of the countries of the region in general.

Source: Political Analysts, International Newspapers

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