Every day, explosions happen inside the Syrian capital, Damascus, and in the countryside of Damascus and nearby areas. Armed groups claim responsibility for the explosions that occur inside the capital, Damascus, or in Syria in general.

The frequent daily explosions in areas under the control of the Syrian regime, are nothing but a warning that the forces of groups and the opposition have the ability to reach anywhere they wish to detonate! - Even if the matter came to bombing the presidential palace of President Bashar Al-Assad.

Fear of explosions surrounds Bashar Al-Assad and his family, as I heard many explosions, close to Bashar's palace, or from the areas he visits frequently! Therefore, Bashar does not guarantee that the place he is visiting will explode while he is visiting him to a large extent.

The situation in Syria is uncomfortable, as the people suffer from economic, social, and even entertainment crises to a large extent. The Syrian administration is doing everything it can to secure the areas for the people, but to no avail, as the armed forces penetrate these places, displace the people, and cause destruction.

 Since the outbreak of the Syrian revolution in 2012, Salamiyah started with regular demonstrations, and turned into armed demonstrations, which showed terrorist groups and Sunni, Shiite, Christian and other groups ...


Source: International news agencies, the Syrian News Agency, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

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