The world is competing, and companies from around the world, to find a vaccine to treat the emerging corona virus. Today, a new country is entering the competition, "Russia".

Was Russia really able to find an effective vaccine for the emerging corona virus, or what is mentioned is just an announcement of a new drug, that appeared on the Russian market, and has nothing to do with the Corona virus.

The speed with which Russia plans to publish its first potential vaccine has raised concerns about whether Moscow is prioritizing national prestige over health and safety. Russia hopes that the vaccine will be released by October.

Russian health authorities are preparing a large-scale vaccination campaign to combat the coronavirus in October, local news agencies reported on Saturday.

Health Minister Mikhail Murashko announced that the Institute of Aesthetics, a state research facility in Moscow, has completed clinical trials of a vaccine based on the adenovirus. Russia's Interfax news agency reported that Morashko said papers were already underway to register the drug.

"We are planning broader vaccinations for October," Murashko said, adding that doctors and teachers would be the first to be treated.

Murashko said that 800 people would participate in the third phase of the trials, and at the same time production would begin, leading to "large-scale production and large-scale application".

Reuters reported, citing an anonymous source, that the vaccine will obtain local regulatory approval in August and be given to health workers shortly thereafter.

Source: International news agencies

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