All developed countries are competing to find an effective treatment for the emerging corona virus, but so far we have not obtained adequate treatment.

 The dangerous Corona virus continues to claim lives from around the world, all antibiotics do not work well to eradicate this virus.


 This virus caused pneumonia, breathing difficulties, sleep disturbances and whooping cough in humans, who suffer from many health problems, so that these diseases were transmitted from person to person and from animal to man, and this is how all humans spread from around the world, so it must be Finding a quick solution in order to eliminate this dangerous disease, but for scientists, the competition between them is very large, in order to eliminate this dangerous bacterial virus, developed countries offer different treatments in order to eliminate this dangerous virus, many scientific researches.


 The world is witnessing a dangerous wave of the emerging corona virus, as Russia began to find suitable solutions and different vaccines, in order to eliminate this virus, and research is still ongoing for this purpose, a report in local Russian news bulletins showed that Russian laboratories have started to establish treatments and vaccines In order to find suitable solutions for the Corona virus, this treatment is considered one of the most important means available around the world in order to eliminate this virus, and in order to limit its spread. As for the laboratories of the United States of America, treatments are also available by the presence of volunteers inside the laboratories, for To conduct a test on them, in order to strengthen the research presented by scientists on these various new vaccines, which have become a living model.


 In addition to what was mentioned, the various types of viruses that have appeared around the world need a lot of volunteers and need a lot of research, through which the researcher can find a suitable treatment to eliminate this emerging bacterium,

 New diseases appeared in the world due to the emerging corona virus, including pneumonia, respiratory failure and kidney failure, and even these diseases led to death.


 As for the prevention of this disease, there are many instructions issued by governments around the world, that there are new instructions every period submitted to the Ministry of Health, in order to publish them in private and public places, and they are instructions for prevention and preservation of health.


 If we move to China, then China has a lot of live viruses, which have transmitted infection to humans.


 The last of these viruses that appeared after the Corona virus is the plague virus, as this virus is one of the deadly viruses that destroyed much of the world in previous centuries, especially in Europe and Britain, so that adequate treatments will not be available in order to eliminate the plague that appeared in Europe and parts of the United States of America And in Britain and spread later on the continent of Europe that brown continent.


Source: ArabsTime electronic newspaper

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