Hizbullah was able to extricate itself from the Beirut port operation, after Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah delivered his speeches in front of a large crowd in Beirut, the stricken Lebanese capital.

 The explosion resulted in huge losses of lives and property, estimated at billions of dollars, as some Arab countries sent aid and humanitarian relief to Lebanon, in addition to Turkey and its neighboring countries. As for the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he stated in a press conference: Willing to provide humanitarian assistance to the Lebanese people.

 A local Lebanese press report on the aid provided by the neighboring countries is not sufficient to provide relief to many families suffering from humanitarian hardship and many economic problems, the reason for the existence of closed work places, and the presence of many individuals inside Lebanese hospitals in Beirut.

 The French President visited Lebanon in order to meet with some of the Lebanese leaders, in order to find a suitable solution after the disaster that occurred in Lebanon, where the people staged sit-ins in front of the Lebanese Parliament building, after Macron's visit to Lebanon, and Macron's demand to find a solution, and punish those responsible in The Lebanese Parliament and the workers at the port due to total neglect, which lasted for 6 years. As a result, many members of the Lebanese parliament resigned from their posts.

 The Lebanese President stated that the explosion was caused by Western foreign interference or parties hostile to Lebanon, and that the International Court should punish them severely, so that they do not escape justice.

 The investigation into the incident is still ongoing, as the United States of America demanded the transparency of the investigation into the incident, punishing the officials within the Lebanese Parliament who were negligent and the foreign parties that interfered in the incident from outside Lebanon, and in return gain the confidence of the Lebanese Parliament, and solve the people's problem, reduce violence, and the continuity of reconstruction and construction.

 Source: ArabsTime newspaper

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