Will the Saudi guardian be tried, or is it just a hoax from the Canadian courts, and are the calls made by the criminal courts, due to an attempt to kill a prominent Saudi figure, true. To answer these questions, you must follow the topic and read it until the end.

Opinion of some political analysts; The Al Saud regime is an ancient ruling system that has ruled Saudi Arabia over the ages and days, and it is a non-democratic royal dictatorial rule, and it is mainly against democracy and its representatives around the world.

 Recently, we heard that there is a prominent Saudi political figure, who filed an indictment in Canadian courts, condemning Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, but until now we do not know the reliability of this news.

 The emergence of a Saudi political figure outside the kingdom in Western courts raises widespread controversy around the world in addition to questions about this controversial topic.

 In turn, Saudi Arabia, its ruler, and the Crown Prince denied that the news about the submission of an indictment against Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Suleiman was true, and that these accusations were only for the sake of provoking public opinion, provoking confusion and rioting, provoking opponents and destabilizing the region, and that the Saudi leadership is relinquished from Anyone who distorts its image, in front of the whole world, and that Saudi Arabia is working hard to eradicate terrorism and to help and support countries affected by terrorists.

 Therefore, the submission of an indictment against the Saudi crown prince, Muhammad bin Suleiman, is incorrect, and that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia plays a major role in the region, in order to calm the conflicting parties, whether in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon, and that this is its ultimate goal in the region.

Source: international media

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