Rouhani: Biden has a chance to make up for the Trump administration's mistakes in Iran


The Iranian president said that the Republican president had failed in the policy of maximum pressure on Tehran. "Iran supports constructive dialogue with the world," Rouhani said. Biden supports the nuclear deal that was signed during his tenure as Obama's vice president, but only if Iran returns to its role


 Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said today (Sunday) that the incoming US administration should take the opportunity to "compensate" for President Donald Trump's mistakes, following Joe Biden's victory. He said, "The heroic resistance of the Iranian people has proven that the policy of maximum pressure is doomed to failure."

Iranian media quoted Rouhani as saying that "the American people have opposed Trump's harmful policies." The next US administration should seize the opportunity to make up for the mistakes of the past. Iran supports constructive dialogue with the world.

 Biden promised to return to the nuclear deal that Trump withdrew from and signed when he was vice president - if Iran returns to play. Tehran is enriching uranium at an increasing rate, but has said that the steps it has taken since 2018 are subject to reversal if its interests are respected.

Nevertheless, Biden wants any return to the agreement to be a "starting point" for further negotiations to advance the nuclear deal and address other issues. Iran's leaders currently rule out talks on issues other than the nuclear program, such as Tehran's missile arsenal and regional operations.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote on Twitter: "The American people have said their words. The world is waiting to see if the new leaders abandon the destructive bullying that violates the law for the outgoing regime - and agree to military pluralism, cooperation and respect for the law. Actions are more important than anything else." ".

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