The incumbent president refused to accept the announcement by the networks that his Democratic opponent had won, saying, "Biden is boasting of a false victory." His campaign is planned to take legal action, but the chances are slim. According to CNN, Kushner called him to admit the loss, but his buddies said it wasn't going to happen soon.

 US President Donald Trump returned to the White House on Saturday, after the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, was announced winning the presidential election. Trump, who left for a golf course in Virginia earlier, said his campaign will begin debating the resumption of election results in court next Monday. He pointed out that "Biden is in a hurry to show off his victory, and this election is not over yet."

In conjunction with the announcement of the networks, Trump is continuing his legal struggles in an attempt to challenge Biden's victory in key countries, where ballots have been counting since the polls closed on Tuesday evening. However, Trump's legal process is of no governmental benefit. He is the first incumbent president to lose since George W. Bush in 1992.

Upon his return to Washington, DC, the president posted a tweet on his Twitter account, specifying some of his claims, but without providing any indications or evidence to support them. "Observers were not allowed into the counting rooms. I won the elections and got 71 million legal votes," he wrote. "Bad things happened that our monitors were not allowed to see. It never happened. Millions of votes were mailed to people who never asked for them."

According to a CNN report, he was contacted by his counselor and son-in-law, Jared Kushner to acknowledge the loss, but his aides told Reuters it was not going to happen soon.

 In fact, about an hour after the tweet was posted, the Trump campaign announced that it had already filed a petition with the Arizona Supreme Court, claiming that in Maricopa, a county in the state where Trump lost to rival Joe Biden, polling station personnel misled voters and encouraged them to continue voting. "Overvoting", therefore - not many votes have been counted, depending on the campaign.

According to the networks, Biden defeated Trump in Pennsylvania, which gives 20 electors, thus crossing the 270 voter threshold needed to win the election. After announcing his victory, Biden congratulated the winner: "America, I am honored that you chose me to lead our wonderful country. The work ahead will be difficult, but I promise you: I will be the president of all Americans - whether you vote for me or not. I will maintain the confidence that you place in me."

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