Law enforcement agencies in the United States are preparing rallies by Trump supporters in all 50 state capitals. Police forces set up checkpoints and National Guard were deployed to prevent a violent attack like the one that shook the world on January 6. The FBI has warned local police of potential demonstrations at each of the Capitol complexes in various countries from January 16, until the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on January 20.

National Guard forces were stationed in Michigan, Virginia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., while Texas took a step to close the Capitol Complex from today until opening day. Steve Macro, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, said Friday that the intelligence indicated that "violent extremists may exploit planned armed protests in Austin to carry out criminal acts."

Today, Capitol Police arrested a Virginia resident who tried to infiltrate Biden's swearing-in ceremony through a Washington checkpoint with a forged attendance certificate at the event. He was armed with a pistol with more than 500 bullets. The alert came after a deadly attack by supporters of outgoing US President Donald Trump on January 6 on the US House of Representatives in Washington.

 Most of the preparations are expected to be expected on Sunday when members of Poglu, a far-right militia calling for civil war, marches in the capital.

In Michigan, a fence has been erected around the Capitol Building in the capital, Lansing, and forces have been mobilized from across the state to reinforce security. Despite the tight security measures, the legislature canceled its scheduled meetings next week, due to fears of threats. "We are prepared for the worst, but we hope that anyone who chooses to demonstrate in the Capitol will do so in peace," Michigan Police Chief Joe Jasper told a news conference.

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