India, which has a population of 1.4 billion, began today (Saturday) vaccinating 30 million health workers in the country and launched a vaccination campaign against the largest Corona in the world. The developing country has joined the ranks of the rich countries, and the process is already in full swing. Although India has some of the largest vaccine manufacturers in the world, its vaccination campaign is very complex.

Indian authorities aim to vaccinate about 300 million people, a figure similar to the total population of the United States. Under the plan, once millions of medical staff members are vaccinated, they will begin vaccinating 270 million people aged 50 and over and the rest of the population at risk.

The operation brings hope back to India, which has suffered badly from the Coronavirus, which has claimed the lives of masses of Indians and fatal damage to the country's economy. So far, more than 10 million Corona residents have been infected and at least 150,000 have died from the disease.

 For the workers who will boost India's shaky health system throughout the pandemic, vaccinations ensure life returns to normal. Many of them explode with pride. "I'm excited that I'm among the first to get the vaccine," said nurse Gita Dewey, as she raised her left sleeve to get the vaccine.

"I am happy to receive a vaccine made in India, and we do not have to depend on others for it," said Dewey, who treated patients for the plague at a hospital in Lukanov, capital of Uttar Pradesh in the heart of India.

The first batch was delivered to a sanitation worker at the Indian Institute of Medical Sciences in the capital, New Delhi, after Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the operation with a televised speech. "We are launching the largest vaccination campaign in the world, and it is showing the world what we can do," Modi said.

Later, in his speech, he urged citizens to be careful and not to believe "rumors about vaccine safety." However, unlike other world leaders who were vaccinated for the first time to boost confidence in vaccines, the 70-year-old Modi did not receive the vaccine himself and his government announced that politicians would not be given priority in the first stage of the process.

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