At least 35 people were killed and hundreds injured in a 6.2-magnitude earthquake on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, the country's authorities announced Friday morning. Rescue workers on the island continue rescue efforts, searching for trapped in the rubble. A disaster struck Mamuju, the island's capital, as the local hospital building completely collapsed. In addition, many other buildings were destroyed.

Residents felt the earthquake around 01:30 in the afternoon and caused panic among the islanders, who were already exposed to a violent earthquake two and a half years ago. The center of the noise was northeast of Jin Town, in a relatively shallow area. As a result, thousands of terrified residents fled their homes and fled to a higher area in fear of a tsunami.

 A hospital collapsed in the town of Mamuju, which has a population of 110,000, to the west of the island, and was completely destroyed, with many trapped in the rubble. "The hospital was flattened, it collapsed," said a city rescue agency employee. He added, "There are patients and workers under the rubble, and we are trying to reach them now."

The earthquake and aftershocks caused three landslides, collapsed buildings, and severely damaged the electricity infrastructure, in addition to damaging bridges and regional centers such as the city of Makassar. More than 60 buildings collapsed, as well as two hotels and the office of the district governor, with at least two people buried under the rubble. The local rescue agency said that rescue workers were also trying to reach a family of eight trapped under the rubble of their home.

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