North Korea held a military parade in the capital, Pyongyang, tonight (Friday), as the ruling Congress ends. The parade included missiles of various types, including a ballistic missile fired from a submarine, tanks and other weapons. Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un watched the ceremony, which was held at a time when the isolated republic was going through a severe economic crisis due to the sanctions imposed on it and the Corona epidemic.

The country's official news agency described the missiles, which were displayed on trucks at Kim Il Sung Square in the capital, as "the most powerful weapon in the world." Experts believe that North Korea wants to send a message of force to the United States in an effort to extract concessions from it, less than a week before President-elect Joe Biden takes office.

 Kim, dressed in a fur hat and leather jacket, smiled and waved as he watched the parade in Kim Il Sung Square, as soldiers marched alongside some of the new system missiles, including short-range ballistic missiles and ballistic missile launchers. North Korea has conducted several experiments with launching underwater missiles, and experts estimate that it wants to develop operational submarines that can arm them with missiles.

Official media described the new submarine launched from the submarines as the Pokegoxong-5, an upgraded model of Pokegoxong-4 that was unveiled at a larger North Korean display in October. Contrary to that offer, its largest ICBM was revealed tonight, which is estimated to be capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and striking the United States.

 The US Department of Defense declined to comment on the offer. The South Korean government has not yet commented, but Seoul's Foreign Ministry said its top envoy on the nuclear issue discussed recent steps taken by North Korea with its counterpart in the United States.

North Korea has not conducted a nuclear test or launched an ICBM since 2017, but Kim has indicated that it is no longer committed to the pause it took after the collapse of nuclear talks with outgoing US President Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, Kim Yoo Jong, Kim's sister and a prominent member of the ruling party, described South Korea as "first-degree fools" for following the signs of a military parade in Pyongyang.

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