On Thursday, Moscow criticized what it described as the "immoral" and "blasphemous" behavior of the United Kingdom, after London decided not to invite Russia to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, against the backdrop of diplomatic tensions between the two countries.

"We consider this British attempt to take advantage of the national tragedy that has touched millions of people in the world for geopolitical ends to settle scores" with our country as "immoral," Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said. 

Zakharova added that it was "blasphemous" behavior towards the memory of Elizabeth II.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman denounced what the United Kingdom considered the use of Russian operations in Ukraine as an "excuse" for not inviting Russian officials to attend the late Queen's funeral, which will be held in London on September 19.

And in an indication of the West's rejection of her, neither Russia, nor its ally Belarus, nor Myanmar, nor Syria were invited to attend the funeral of the queen, who died last Thursday at the age of 96.

"British elites stand with the Nazis," Zakharova said, referring to the great support London provides to Kiev militarily and financially to counter Russian operations in Ukraine.

The funeral of Elizabeth II, which will be held at Westminster Abbey Church, next week, is a prominent diplomatic event in which more than 100 kings, state leaders and dignitaries are expected to participate.

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